About the Journal

Welcome to Louder Than Words! We are an open-access journal, with plans for the third publication during Fall 2023! We encourage all current Texas State University (TXST) School of Social Work (SSW) students to consider submitting their creative and written works for publication consideration. Moreover, students can also submit applications to be considered for a Student Peer Reviewer (SPR). Explore the Submission Page for more information. 

Louder Than Words Aims: 

  • This journal serves as a platform to illuminate Texas State University’s School of Social Work students’ written works. We encourage diverse academic and illustrative writing and creative pieces from undergraduate and graduate students. We are seeking works that relate to and encompass the diverse spectrum of social work values, competencies, ideas, and experiences. To promote inclusivity and diversity our journal accepts submissions in multiple languages.

  • This journal’s structure emphasizes the integration of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni into the peer-review process. We believe research, professional development, and constructive feedback are integral aspects of the Social Work Profession. To advance the professionalism and disseminate social work professionals’ voices, we want current students and alumni to engage in this process.  

  • This journal serves as an opportunity for student growth in professional written and creative communication; necessary skills in the Social Work Profession. We hope student involvement in this endeavor will prepare and enhance communication skills, and receptiveness to constructive feedback, and further prepare them for graduate school and beyond.

Contact LTWJournal@txstate.edu for additional information or questions.



Kales Ervin 

Kales is a MSW student at Texas State University. I am very excited to be a part of the Louder Than Words peer review team! I am looking forward to supporting my peers as they aim to be published in the Louder Than Words journal. My personal interests and goals include doing research and clinical work. Specifically, I am interested in researching topics related to childhood trauma, and I am interested in working clinically with adult survivors of childhood trauma. In my free time I like being outside and spending time with my friends and my dogs.


Brianna Giselda Rodriguez (she/her/hers)

Brianna Giselda Rodriguez is a Master of Social Work (MSW) student at Texas State University's School of Social Work and will graduate in the fall of 2023. She has interned with Communities in Schools, worked as an undergraduate research assistant, and is currently a graduate assistant for Texas State University's Service-Learning Excellence Program. Brianna spends her summers working at social-emotional learning and technology camps for children ages four to fourteen. She's passionate about working with elementary-age children and advocating for labor movements. When this Gemini is not highlighting textbooks, she can be found casually running 10-15 miles or wandering thrift stores and antique shops. Brianna is a busy bee with the personality of a social butterfly.

Daisy Vasquez (she/her/hers) 

Daisy is a part of the BSW program at Texas State University. She loves writing, especially when it is allowed to be creative because it can become an avenue of expression for anyone no matter what they identify with or as. Writing has no bounds and even just being a reader means you can get transported to another world with mere words. Something fun about her is that she has enjoyed playing video games in her free time ever since she was a kid, especially story driven ones. It's a great way to become directly involved in a piece of art and she thinks that's very cool.