Review of the 2021 Redistricting Maps of Texas


  • Annay Ruiz Texas State University


This paper is an opinion on the Republican Party's redistricting map for 2021 and its present and future implications for people in Texas. First, this paper describes the background of the redistricting process and gerrymandering. Then, it explores how the current population changes in Texas might influence the state's voting patterns and the Republican Party's influence. Following this, it examines how the Republican Party in Texas has diminished the LatinX and Democratic vote by gerrymandering districts in favor of Republican and White voters. The evidence is given by examining voting districts’ population rates of LatinX, people of color, and White voters in a few districts. Then viewing the entirety of the state and comparing the number of districts that contain political voter bases of each party. This opinion also provides a summary of current legal actions to counter the new district map in Texas. It ends by illustrating why social workers and social work students should care about policies and government procedures. 






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